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Estate Sale Alternative

Estate Sale Alternatives
Estate Sale

Looking to avoid the hassle of an estate sale?

Estate sales may seem like a viable and reasonable option to sell your home, or the home of a deceased relative or loved one. In fact, there are several reputable estate sale companies in the region that do great work and provide fair, personalized service; however, estate sales may end up costing you more money than you realize. On top of a negotiated percentage of the sale, estate sale companies may charge you for advertising, marketing, research, labor, security, and even refreshments. Those fees can add up quickly and take cash directly out of your pocket – cash you deserve. Estate sales take a lot of planning, and the logistics of the sale can sometimes become overwhelming for homeowners.

Before you consider a complicated estate sale, call Integrity First Home Buyers for a fast, fair and local cash offer on your home. We don’t charge commission fees – ever – and we offer you and your family the exact amount of cash you will receive at settlement. Why lose thousands of dollars with an estate sale when you can get cash now for your home?

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With Integrity First Home Buyers, there are no commissions, no fees, no contractors, and no buyers coming through your home on a daily basis. We offer a fair, fast and local way to get cash quickly for your home while avoiding the hassle of the traditional real estate market. To start the conversation, fill out the form above and one of our home buying experts will call you within minutes during regular business hours. We’ll discuss the condition of your home, your goals for selling your house, and explain the process of a cash sale.