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Parent or Relative Deceased

Parent or Relative Deceased

Our team can provide support to help navigate the home selling process during this difficult time.

One of the most difficult times in life is when a parent or loved one passes. We understand that this emotional time may also come with questions and challenges related to selling a home and carries extra burdens. With Integrity First Home Buyers, we make the process quick and easy, and turn a complicated sales process into a fast and fair sale of the family home. Our trained team of experts are sensitive to the situation, and they can relieve some of the stress associated with selling a home of a deceased parent or loved one. We truly care about the families we have helped over the years, and we are ready to help you navigate the home-selling process.

While many families and individuals consider a traditional real estate sale of a deceased relative’s home, this process oftentimes can take months. As you wait for the home to sell, household bills may continue to accumulate and mortgages still need to be paid. When you sell to Integrity First Home Buyers, we can schedule settlement in days instead of months, helping to reduce stress during a difficult time. Let Integrity First Home Buyers take one burden off your shoulders with a fair, fast and local cash offer on the family home.

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With Integrity First Home Buyers, there are no commissions, no fees, no contractors, and no buyers coming through your home on a daily basis. We offer a fair, fast and local way to get cash quickly for your home while avoiding the hassle of the traditional real estate market. To start the conversation, fill out the form above and one of our home buying experts will call you within minutes during regular business hours. We’ll discuss the condition of your home, your goals for selling your house, and explain the process of a cash sale.